Currently Offering two designs that are available on Adult and Kids size T-shirts, Note Books, Gift Cards and other things.

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Last Door On The Left is a funky online T-Shirt Store that has offered to put some of Poet Raúl Sánchez's word on a few items for both the novelty of it all and to cover the cost of maintaining the Poetry Post -- kinda like a "little library" one sees scattered throughout many Seattle neighborhoods -- At the Poetry Pole people walking by may stop read some poetry or pick up a poem or two to take with them. 


from Poet Raúl Sánchez's Collection


The poem on the T-shirt with the trees on it is from the 2020 "Poem In Your Pocket" annual project. The theme was Nature and it's environments. "Voices in the Forest" was another project for the City of Shoreline.


There is are several items available for purchase. All proceeds collected will be used to maintain content for the Poetry Pole and print promo for the Poetry in the Park series.  Thank you for your support.