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Raúl Sánchez is a translator who currently teaches bilingual poetry at Denny International Middle School through the Jack Straw Cultural Center. He is a member of Writers in the schools through Seattle Arts and Lectures (WITS), teaching bilingual poetry at Evergreen High School. This is his fourth year volunteering for PONGO Teen Writing in the Juvenile Detention Center. In 2019 he was one of the eleven speakers at the Ignite Education Lab storytelling event at Seattle University. He was commissioned by the Ballard Civic Orchestra to write the libretto for the “The Other Conquest” A Opera ensemble in response to Vivaldi’s Motezuma, which included the Score written by Hector Armienta.

A Message from Poet, Raúl Sánchez

After my first book was published, I was surprised, elated by how many people were waiting to read what they’ve heard from me over the years on  the  open  mic  sessions  all  across  town,  up  and  down  on  the  I-5 corridor as well as on the other side of the cascades in eastern Washington. I  can  safely  say  that  I  was  the  only  “Latino”  bilingual  immigrant  poet reading around town.

Well, it’s been eight full years since my first book and I’m delighted to share with you my newest work. 


My  objective  is  to  embrace  my  roots,  my  culture,  my  family  and  my purpose which is  teaching, mentoring,  sharing with youth what I’ve learned about poetry over the years. We need what the living planet is giving us, therefore it needs to be protected and revered. The inclusion of the Nahuatl language is to honor the history behind me. The language of my ancestors, the language I inherited and the language I speak where I live. 

The  poems  in  this  book  move  from  south  to  north  recounting  the experiences and visions of the time as seen on TV.  Included are the stories from my uncles and some cousins who  were  migrant  workers in  their youth. Such is my experience and the reason why I migrated to the USA. "El Norte” where everything is prosperous, happy and magnificent. 


Blame  it  on  the  TV  Shows  of  the  time  (1960’s),  starting  when I was five  and  through  the  influence  of  rock  music  and  the  cultural  changes all  over  the  world  at  the  time.  1968  defined  my  outlook  on  life. Joan  Baez,  Victor  Jara,  Violeta  Parra,  Jose  de  Molina,  Mercedes Sosa, and Daniel Viglietti inspired me to write my first poem in 1972. 


Renato Leduc was the first poet I ever heard. He was one of the celebrities​ who used  to  frequent  my  father’s  Restaurant  “El  Califa” a  block  away from Plaza Mexico, the biggest bull fighting ring in the world. 

I  feel  this  collection  is  part  memoir,  accomplishments,  frustrations and  overall  joy  for  living  and  loving  the  people  with  whom  I’ve crossed paths.


Poetry sustains my soul. Family and friends are my lifeline. Inspiration is a gift and sharing with others is the biggest honor I could have ever imagined.   

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