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poetry pole

The Poetry Pole is located near the corner of 39th Ave NE and 140th Ave NE in Seattle. This is a registered on the GEOCACHE website! 

It hosts and ever-changing array of poems you can take with you as you pass by while walking your dog or cruising through the neighborhood.

The Poetry Pole was inspired by Jim Bodeen's Poetry Pole in Yakima WA. It is still located in the front lawn of Blue Begonia Press. There are other Poles and Boxes in the City, but only one in Cedar Park. Sometime a book is more than you need for a little inspiration. But a Poem is always the perfect length to read, carry or give to a friend in need of soothing words..

Please visit or submit your Poems to be featured at Raúl's Poetry Pole by leaving a copy inside the Box or by writing one down on the notebook inside the box. If you prefer, you can send it here, to be printed and shared at a later date. Just go to the "How to contact" section at the end. And if you'd like to DONATE to the Poetry Pole, you can do so through Venmo. Paper and Ink, my labor is Free and full of enthusiasm and inspiration by your participation. 
Donations may be made through Venmo.Thank you!